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Das moderne Indien in deutschen Archiven

German Botanists in and around India and their participation in colonialism

Dr. des.  Tobias Delfs

My habi­li­ta­ti­on pro­ject deals with the par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on of Ger­man and Ger­man bota­nists in the impe­ri­al pene­tra­ti­on of the Indian sub­con­ti­nent in the 19th cen­tu­ry through the genera­ti­on of know­ledge and… Read More

Vocational training in the Indian steel and engineering industries: histories of Indo-German co-operation, c. 1950–1989.

Josefine Hoffmann

This PhD the­sis is situa­ted wit­hin the the­ma­tic com­plex of ent­ang­led West Ger­man and Indian soci­al and eco­no­mic his­to­ries. It iden­ti­fies and fol­lows bila­te­ral voca­tio­nal trai­ning co-ope­ra­­ti­ons in the steel… Read More

Mountaineering as transcultural encounters: labour in the German Himalayan expedition (1929–1953)

Nokmedemla Lemtur



By the end of the nine­teenth cen­tu­ry the peaks of the Hima­la­yan ran­ge, who­se height sur­pas­sed any of tho­se in the Alps, had beco­me the new “play­ground” for many wes­tern… Read More

Materialising Visibility, Preparing Recognition: The ‘cultural’ politics of GDR-India relations, 1952–1972

Dr. Anandita Bajpai


The Ger­man Demo­cra­tic Repu­blic was offi­ci­al­ly reco­gni­zed by the Indian government in 1972. The tra­de rep­re­sen­ta­ti­ons estab­lished in 1956, howe­ver, beca­me the ‘offi­ci­al mouth­pie­ce’ of the GDR in India. Con­tac­ts… Read More

South Asia as a Cold War Arena — The two German States and India in the Bangladesh Liberation War 1971

Alexander Benatar

Ph.D. pro­ject The ear­ly 1970s saw two oppo­sing trends in Euro­pe and South Asia: while Ger­­man-Ger­­man déten­te was able to over­co­me the limi­ta­ti­ons of the Cold War, the Indian sub­con­ti­nent… Read More

Indo-German Intellectual History — Religion and Spirituality in Imperial Germany and the Weimar Republic (1871–1933)

Dr. Martin Christof-Füchsle


The pro­ject aims at fur­the­ring the ana­ly­sis of pro­ces­ses of ent­an­gle­ments bet­ween India and Ger­ma­ny in the sphe­re of intel­lec­tu­al histo­ry. The focus is on the deve­lop­ments in the era… Read More

From Berlin to Delhi: Education, Intellectual Exchange and Politics of Translation in the life and writings of Sayyid Abid Husain (1896–1978)

Dr. des. Razak Khan

My rese­arch pro­ject exami­nes the ent­ang­led natu­re of Indo-Ger­­man intel­lec­tu­al histo­ry. I explo­re intel­lec­tu­al and cul­tu­ral trans­la­ti­ons in the sphe­re of reform pedago­gy or “New Edu­ca­ti­on“ domi­nant at the turn… Read More